Why chose us?

We aim to provide customer-oriented, solid, and structured evaluation services to small and mid-sized organizations to evaluate their programs. We value your organization's investments to bring benefits to your people of concern and the strategy, design, and effort that goes into it.

At XEVAY Consulting, we value live, timely, wise, and action-oriented recommendations that lead to results. We won't delve into the negative but use it to analyze the context – and along with your program's vital elements – to build solid and informed frameworks leading to better programming. Our consultants have designed, managed, and implemented actual programs, so we understand the complexities and the politics involved – and why decisions were made.

We will provide a synthesis and practicable recommendations that can be implemented and monitored through an action plan and linked dashboard. We will follow the OECD and ALNAP standards, including ethics. Our products will lead your organization to improve your provision of services in theory – strategy – and actual practice. We will frame our reports under the Human Rights-based approach to programming, Gender, Diversity, Inclusion, the Environment, and other relevant frameworks per the latest trends and innovations.

Xevay means for humankind, our tree is the Baobab, and our animal is the Elephant, signs of humanity, longevity, and wisdom, which are a right fit for our company's objective to serve purposely, contextually, make a difference, and advance equal human development. 

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